Time Management = #1 Indicator of Success

Often when I have looked at employees and their levels of success in life, at work, etc., I have found a direct correlation between their success and how dedicated they are to guarding their time like a lion a steak.  There are only two things in life that are irreplaceable: time and your health.  EVERYTHING else in your life can be replaced.

Read this article.  It is right on and is from the legendary Harvey Mackay.  Click here:  http://harveymackayuniversity.com/85-minuterealworldmba/time-management


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  1. Dave Little, SouthWest Regional Sales Manager says:

    Great Video!
    Time will not be wasted as long as you have Great resources available to work with, a place to get answers, when you need them and a “go to” place for your answers you can count on. Without these in place, your time management for Success is weakened.

    Customers are top priority and deserve to be treated as such. (as long as the customer’s demands and deadlines are not unreasonable)

    Success to me is gaining the trust of a customer for life and having that customer say nothing but positive about my company, myself and the way I conducted myself as a Sales person, presenting a Great product and following through with what I said I would do, as well as what was promised as a company.

    There will always be hurdles to cross to reach Goals you have set.
    You may have to change direction a little at times, but Never Never Never change the Goals you have set.

    Cheers to Great Time Management and Successful Selling!

    Dave Little
    Regional Sales Manager
    Three Square Market / TurnKey Corrections


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