Compliments to our IT staff!


I had a long talk with one of our best 32M operators yesterday.  They had a feature need, that Sam and Jon not only put together but far exceeded the expectation on, we rolled this feature out to the operator yesterday just hours after having requested it.  They expect this feature to help them win 17 new locations that are a bundle sale being presented today.
After talking this through with them yesterday and ensuring they knew how to use this new feature, they went on to tell me how they plan on a  massive expansion in 2017.  They did, though, out of smart business practice perform due diligence ahead of this growth interviewing our competition.  Universally, 32M blew away our competitors and they are 100% committed to 32M for this growth in 2017 and beyond.

Thanks for all the efforts IT team and all of you who work with all of our clients daily.  Know that your efforts produce results and comments like this that allow us to achieve our goals.

Great job.
Patrick McMullan

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