Update to InmateCanteen App!

We are so excited to share that our inmatecanteen.com experience on a mobile device is updated!

When you go to www.inmatecanteen.com on your phone or tablet, it will now stop you from advancing to the website and instead redirect you to the app. If you don’t have the app, it will direct you to the Google Play or App Store, and if you do have the app, it will open automatically.
The app has been updated as well for both iOS and Android:
  • Communications account deposits
  • Deposit to an inmate
  • Picture mail
  • Purchase a phone card
  • Make a phone call (when our TKC Telecom is in service at a site)
Michael did phenomenal work and was supported by the IT team. These guys are often the unsung heroes but they really do amazing work, day in and day out. Thank you, guys!
I believe this change will dramatically decrease the ICC phone calls that come in, as well as provide a better experience for our customers – a win for everyone!
Next up: making the website mobile friendly. Stay tuned for more excellence!!!

~ Leah


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