TKC, Three Square Market, and AIS have some celebrating to do in February! Congrats and Thank You to the following employees.

  • Kenneth Shyrock:  Monday, March 6th, 2 years at St. Claire, MO
  • Cindy Remington:  Wednesday, March 8th, 1 year at River Falls.
  • Mickey Anderson:  Friday, March 10th, 13 years at Dakota
  • Ben Barrone:  Wednesday, March 15th, 6 years at Rochester, MN
  • Tina Garofalo:  Saturday, March 18th, 2 years at Lincoln, OR
  • Kristopher DeSmith: Wednesday, March 22nd, 4 years as Installer
  • Heather  Zimney:  Wednesday, March 22nd, 4 years at Jamestown Warehouse
  • Dave Arndt:  Tuesday, March 28th, 1 year at Crow Wing
  • John Marks:  Tuesday, March 14th, 1 year in Prescott, fabrication
  • Jon Krusell:  Sunday, March 26th, 5 years in IT



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