Recognition – Outstanding Employees at TurnKey Corrections

 Jack Jensen – tirelessly working three major installs over three weeks in a row: Oneida Co inmate phones, Eagle Co kiosk replacement, and Atchison Co commissary. Jack is a creative problem-solver and maintains a cheerful and helpful attitude!

Tony Brooks – Spent three weeks straight traveling to seven counties to maintain relationships, hire and train five new onsite employees, and resolve lingering issues – thereby renewing confidence in TKC. Tony visited La Paz, Nye, Crow Wing, Gallatin, Cass ND, Williams ND, and Ward ND. Tony has dropped everything to make these emergency trips that have no doubt saved our reputation.

Sam Bengston, Eric Bloms, & Michael Traynor – an incredible team that worked exceptionally hard to make the TKC Telecom dream into a reality! They moved quickly and decisively to create solutions for Oneida’s requests and needs.

Jim Shoemaker – Created and fabricated using the 3D printer to craft a frame behind inmate card readers. This frame prevents inmates from jamming cards into the kiosk and causing the card reader to break. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Jim is saving us a lot of money, time, and trouble.

Dale Schmieg – Dale has spent the better part of three months working double shifts to cover his regional manager duties and then backfill for onsite employees at at least four major jails, including Kandiyohi and Ramsey CCF. Dale never complains or has a bad attitude – rather, he is 100% TurnKey Corrections!

I am so proud to work for TKC alongside these and other phenomenal employees! They are truly first class in every way.



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