Great Work!

Congratulations to Tony Brooks, Melissa Koepp, and Jack Jensen!  Below is a letter we received from Knox County recognizing these 3 employees for their Great Work.  Also mentioned is Michele and Jeremy. Thanks Everyone for for making us Great.

I just wanted to take a minute and reach out to you and share some thoughts regarding our recent changeover to TurnKey Corrections. We are really getting all of the little wrinkles ironed out.
Everyone has been great during this process. Despite liking what I saw during your presentation, I was hesitant of your ambitious timeline, to be honest. After some reassuring on your part, I agreed to step out of my comfort zone and put my trust in you. You promised that we would be up and running by the first few days of October, and we made it!
As you know, Kris was scheduled to come do the implementation and training, but he fell sick. Again, you assured me that it would all be worked out. Instead, TurnKey sent us Melissa. Not only was she pleasant, but she was very knowledgeable. If she did not know the answer right away, she was on the phone getting someone else from the team on it. She left us feeling like even though she would not physically be here, we were her “people” and she would continue to take care of us whenever we needed assistance. Michele and Jeremy have also been tremendous help.
From day one, I have felt that we weren’t becoming a TurnKey customer, but we were joining a family. This is rare to find in business, especially in the corrections arena. I feel like I have gotten to know a lot of your employees and they have all been fantastic. Thank you for everything that you and your company have done thus far.
I hope that discussions with Henry and McLean Counties are progressing. I have reached out to Nancy at Henry to let her know how our transition has gone to hopefully alleviate any apprehension that they may have. If nothing else, maybe we can offer some insight on what kinds of questions to ask of you when you make your presentation.
I am still working on Mercer County for you as well. They are tough, but I am annoying. I’ll have the Sheriff keep working Peoria County, too. Let me know where else I can help! We’ll be keeping in touch, but I wanted to “officially” follow up.
Louis Glossip, Jail Administrator

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