Originally, our company was known as TW Vending.  This came from our founder, and now CEO, Todd Westby.  He started as a one man band filling a vending machine at night after finishing his work day as a supervisor at a student loan collection agency.  Often this meant late night runs to Cub Foods in a light blue Ford Escort.   Fed up with the poor service of the current provider, Todd’s part time passion became the foundation for what our company is now today.

In 2001, Todd’s brother Tim joined him in the business and the rocket for growth was lit.  Quickly Todd and Tim found an opportunity in inmate commissary and the rest is history.  Starting in 2003, Todd and Tim re-branded the company to be known as TurnKey Corrections.  TKC introduced the kiosk to the corrections world.  TKC now services inmates in over 25 states.

In 2006, TKC acquired American Institutional Supply.  Rather than purchase products to fill jails, AIS became the supplier to all of TKC’s client facilities.  Additionally, AIS was grown to where it now sells to over 400 correctional facilities in the U.S. and Canada plus to schools, hospitals, hotels and YMCA’s.

Starting in late 2012, TKC sought to diversify and now COO Patrick McMullan came across an opportunity to essentially replicate what the correctional kiosk system did but in a controlled retail environment called micro markets.  After securing the first location, Patrick had dinner with our first market client and at a dinner right on the Puget Sound in Seattle, WA, our first client said “well, you got our market system up and running, what are you going to call it?”  Without hesitation Patrick responded “in addition to markets, you run jail kitchens and serve three square meals daily, so how about Three Square Market”.  There was dead silence at that dinner table and the name stuck.   The rest is history.  32M now services well over a thousand locations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, Saudi Arabia and soon in Central America.

We are excited about our future and look forward to all of our employees contributing to our success.  #EVERYBODYCOUNTS!cropped-ground-breaking.jpg